One degree of seperation
from the world.

ProGlobalPartners, LLC (PGP) offers a streamlined,
all-encompassing support model
for every element
of the international sales process, helping U.S. and foreign
clients build key relationships and complete successful

In 2013, PGP co-founders created an organization that combined their professional expertise with an underlying commitment to social responsibility, with a special emphasis on positive impact for developing nations. Merging this principled approach to international business with strategically formed divisions is the guiding light for the organization’s global operations.


Positively Impacting Global Communities

360° Approach

We provide a unique 360-degree service model to support international buyers and sellers through the entire sales process: buying, selling, professional services support, financing, and government relations.

Increased Access

Our clients are U.S. sellers (manufacturers, distributors, service providers) and foreign buyers (distributors, project developers or service providers) across the globe who are looking to increase their access and capacity in international trade.

Relationship Development

We set the tone for relationship building and productive communication, lowering cultural barriers for our clients. This laser-like focus results in the increased probability of success for our clients’ international transactions.


PGP is product and service agnostic, with specialty
divisions focused on understanding and delivering
on our customer’s individual needs.

We are a cross-functional consultancy that supports foreign buyers, domestic sellers, and the executives of international corporations with their complex cross-border business challenges. When conducting international transactions, our clients gain a leg up in the competitive global business landscape by accessing our unique resources, relationships, and proven methodologies

Foreign Buyers – PGP provides one-stop-shop convenience to overseas importers seeking an international sourcing agent to support their foreign sales transactions.

Foreign Corporations and Executives– As a full-service professional consultancy, companies retain PGP to advise and manage the multifaceted aspects of their US or foreign business dealings including – Outsourced Business Operations Support, Immigration & VISA Services, Integrated Trade Finance, and Travel Services.


Enjoy an easier path to a successful international business

Receive Expert Advice

Take advantage of a host of multi-disciplined professionals who specialize in international tax, accounting, immigration, legal, cultural awareness and other aspects of business operations.

Reduce Costs

Focus on core competencies by tapping into US based talent that helps reduce or eliminate operational expenses at your corporate headquarters.

Manage Risks

Transfer risk and reduce exposure by working with professional US service providers who understand local laws, cultures and best practices.

We are the trusted authority in facilitating access to clean water, power, and other off-grid needs by delivering turnkey, containerized utility solutions with streamlined financing and operations. Our unique and deep knowledge of pre-engineered off-grid solutions, trade finance, international transactions, and government relations helps drive adoption of modular utility solutions by governments, NGOs, and corporations and enriches the lives of those in need.

PMU Power Solutions – Working with our best-in-class partners, we design, engineer, and manufacture systems to meet the unique requirements of your power generation, energy storage, and distribution systems projects in remote locations.

PMU Water & Ice Solutions – Our containerized water treatment, ice manufacturing, and storage units have been developed to meet the growing International demand for small footprint, cost-effective modular water treatment installations.

PMU Custom Solutions – Our custom-built, containerized and mobile solutions can be designed for use in varying applications, worldwide. We work with integrators who design and manufacture purpose-built specialty solutions


Gain peace of mind while delivering the essentials

Reduce project

Deliver essential infrastructure more easily to your local community or operation.

Streamline technology selection

Access higher-quality, scalable products that require little skill to deploy, operate and maintain.

Finance without major

Simplify the acquisition process with streamlined financing options.

Bringing together the right finance, people, products, and technology, we are the best procurement source to help you reduce product and service acquisition costs during the development and operational phases of built projects. Foreign facility owners and managers, developers and EPC contractors increase access and broaden their capacities using our direct network of manufacturers and suppliers, financiers, and multinational service providers.

Support offerings include:

  • Custodial
  • Furniture
  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • Power & HVAC
  • Technology
  • Engineering 


Enjoy a streamlined process and better products


Experience simpler and more convenient international transactions using our streamlined “one-stop-shop” model

High Quality US Products & Services

Access our ever-expanding database of engineers, suppliers, and experts who support project design, construction, operations, and financing, across multiple sectors, worldwide


Tap into our purchasing, logistics, and fulfillment project management capabilities so you only deal with one company.

Some of Our Most Important Partners

Active Markets

  • The Caribbean
  • Germany
  • Ghana
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Liberia
  • Mexico
  • Nigeria
  • Rwanda
  • South Korea
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Vietnam

Sector Experience

  • Agribusiness
  • Automotive & Heavy Equipment
  • Building Materials
  • Energy & Water
  • Enviornmental Services
  • Facility Management
  • Furniture
  • Military & Defense
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications


The most important aspects of our business are the relationships we build.
Combining these bonds with our experiences in trade enhance our local & global
communities. We are developing a world of collaboration and partnership.

Steven McDonnough
Cheif Executive Officer
Certified Global Business Professional