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Breaking into a global market can be difficult. From figuring out the logistics of finding suppliers to simply marketing your content to a foreign audience, developing a marketing plan to make it work is no small task.

But with a little bit of research, patience, and determination, reaching an international audience is within reach.

Check out these four ways you can improve your international marketing strategies.

Review Data

One of the first places to start with building your brand awareness overseas is figuring out where to start. Reviewing any data or market research you have can help you narrow down which markets to start with.

Using tools to keep track of this data for you can be extremely useful for putting together your international marketing strategy.

If you already have some traffic from users overseas, focusing on strengthening the relationship with that culture can be a good place to start. Otherwise, reviewing the general behaviors, demographics, and values can help narrow down where you decide to focus.

The markets you decide to focus on should have cultural values and ideas that are somewhat related to your brand. Picking a place to start will make it easier for you to connect with them and build an international audience.

Adapt Marketing Strategies

After figuring out where to start, the next step is preparing your strategies. But before you get into getting your materials together, take a step back to review your marketing strategy.

While one strategy may have worked well in one country, that doesn’t mean it will work everywhere. Appealing to your audience is the key to grabbing their attention.

To do this internationally, you may have to make some major changes to how you market your content. Putting the time into building a more focused marketing strategy can make a huge difference in how your brand does internationally.

Localize Content

In addition to tweaking your marketing strategy, you will most likely have to make changes to the content itself. Localizing your content is a key part in formulating an international marketing strategy.

Not only should your content be translated into your target market’s language, but the ideas and meanings should carry over as well. Having content that can make the same connection with an audience in different languages should be the goal.

Localizing content goes beyond just pushing content through a translator. Everything you share with your audience should try to connect with them in their native tongue.

This means working with people who can help translate not only your words but your ideas as well.

Use Social Media

Social media has become an essential piece of any good marketing strategy. This doesn’t change when trying to build an international audience.

The beauty of social media is the potential to reach so many new users at the click of a button. 22% of the world’s population is on Facebook alone. Including all social media platforms in your international marketing strategy can bring a lot of attention to your brand.

Connecting with that global audience on social media means ensuring that your content is prepared to interact with them. This means having translated content, real-time subtitles, and even producing specialized content that will help create this connection.

Creating International Marketing Strategies

Trying to connect with a global audience can be difficult to grasp at first. But with the right international marketing strategies, forming these connections can happen at the click of a button.

Are you interested in helping others extend their global reach? Join our team today to help businesses and individuals from around the world connect.