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One of the greatest problems facing Africa’s development is the energy crisis.

According to the International Energy Agency, 70 percent of the population in sub-Saharan Africa doesn’t have access to reliable electricity. That’s over 600 million people without power.

There are many energy issues that continue to plague Africa’s development. These range from the high costs of manufacturing energy to the poor reliability.

It is increasingly clear that there’s one solution to the energy deficit in Africa. The continent needs to become the “global renewable energy superpower“.

Keep reading for our guide on how Africa could be a powerful market for renewables.

Renewable Energy in Africa is Cost-Effective

Fossil fuel energy sources such as oil, gas, and coal are the most expensive kind of energy around the world.

Many African countries, such as Nigeria, produce fossil fuels energy while many of Africa’s cities still have a poor power supply.

Despite the expense of fossil fuel energy sources and continued energy deficit, fossil fuels remain the largest source of power in Africa.

According to the African Development Bank, the energy generation in Africa is equal to Belgium. If sub-Saharan Africa is going to provide energy for the total population of the region by 2030 it will cost over $30 billion.

However, there are increasing calls for Africa to become a renewable energy continent. This will lower cost significantly. The costs of onshore wind power and solar energy have fallen dramatically in recent years.

Climate Change and Environmental Problems

African countries have to juggle the demands of economic development with the need to transition towards renewable energy sources. According to NASA, fossil fuels are one of the primary causes of global warming and climate change.

This has resulted in calls for Africa to leapfrog to clean energy and skip dirty coal.

The director of the African Progress Panel, Caroline Kende-Robb says that “African governments have an opportunity to seize the climate challenge to rethink their energy policies”. Africa has an important opportunity because it has “abundant or less utilized renewable energy potential” than any other region.

The large population of Africa living in rural, isolated areas would benefit from the expansion of renewable energy.

Mixed Energy Economy

Advocates of renewable energy in Africa do not argue for eliminating fossil fuel energy. Rather, they argue that solar and wind power in Africa, along with fossil fuels, represent a stronger energy mix.

According to the African Progress Panel, “every government has to determine what constitutes a judicious mix of energy sources”. The concern is that African nations are not taking advantage of the potential of renewable energy in the region.

Invest in Alternative Energy in Africa

Even though there are challenges along the way, it’s difficult to doubt that renewable energy is the future of Africa.

If you’re interested in the potential of renewable energy in Africa, or to find out more about ProGlobalPartners, get in touch with us today.