PGP Advisory Services
Portfolio Snapshot

PGP Advisory Services offers a wide-ranging portfolio of services to support companies and their executives who conduct business globally. The information below will provide details on our unique capabilities, resources, relationships, and proven “one-stop-shop”methodologies. Please Contact Us to schedule a time to discuss your specific needs.


Business Operations Support:

We offer a full suite of business operations support services which provides international businesses the resources and guidance necessary to make faster decisions, reach more customers,optimize cash flows, mitigate risks, and streamline operations. Using external specialists to provide more efficient international business-related solutions givesour clients the ability tobalance working “in” their business with working “on” their business. As a result, clients can continue to focus on their internal operations and the art of their profession which builds a stronger foundation for future growth

International Accounting, Operations Management & Tax Solutions

  • International Tax & Strategy
  • International Estate Tax Planning
  • Transfer Pricing Arrangements
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Domestic Client Invoicing
  • USA Based Business Address & Location Services
  • Representation for US based Shippers/Clearing Agents
  • Accounts Receivables/Account Payables processing

Business Development & Sales Support

  • Sales Campaign Design & Execution
  • Foreign Market Sales Team Deployment
  • Consortium Participants/Sub Contractors/Strategic Partner Sourcing
  • Foreign Prospect Identification/Research
  • Export Promotions

Marketing & Rebranding

  • Corporate Identity
  • Brochures, Logos, Business Cards
  • Websites & Social Media
  • Marketing Materials Design
  • Press Releases

Cultural Engagement Support

Our cultural engagement support teams work with executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, and expatriatesto live, work, communicate and relate successfully across cultures. We specialize in language and intercultural coaching, consulting and training. Clients include multinational corporations, employees and families of multinational corporations, local community, non-profit and economic development organizations, entrepreneurs, and online coaching and training clients.


  • Intercultural & Relocation Training and Services
  • Business & Global Executive Coaching
  • In-person and Online Language Coaching
  • Intercultural Coaching & Training
  • Cultural Competency Training

Immigration & VISA International Trade Solutions

Our attorney and CPA team members specialize in strategic and thorough representation for investors and business persons seeking to self-sponsor for US visas through entrepreneurship.On the frontline of helping US exporters in tough markets, we know the value of immigration incentives to foreign businesses looking to trade with or relocate to the United States.

  • E-1 Treaty Trader:  Visas for persons involved in substantial trade; Freely travel into U.S. and Prolonged Stays

    This visa is essentially a non-immigrant visa that enables foreign nationals of a treaty nation to come to the United States. Those eligible for this visa are known as treaty traders. To be a treaty trader, you need to be a person whose principal trade is with the U.S., a person who carries on substantial international trade, or a national of a treaty country with which the U.S. maintains ties of commerce and navigation.

  • E-2 Treaty Investment: Non-immigrant investment visas; Purchase or Build a business in the USA

    This is one of the most common methods for entrepreneurs to come to the U.S. for the purpose of purchasing or starting a business. While it is a non-immigrant visa, it can be renewed indefinitely for up to two years if the visa holder plans to depart once the visa expires and the business remains operational.

  • EB-5 – Direct Investment:  Immigrant visas for foreign investors; Requires at least $500,000 Investment

    High net worth individuals who wish to pursue a Green Card may be able to do so by investing in the U.S. economy. This process is not simple and requires significant attention to detail to ensure all the paperwork is submitted correctly. However, if approved, EB-5 visa holders may qualify to obtain Green Cards within two years for themselves and for their families.

  • L-1 Company Transfer:  Open Subsidiary of Existing Business in USA; Transfer Executives and Managers to U.S.

    Foreign investors who are real estate managers and, developers may become eligible for the L-1 visa by setting up a subsidiary of their business within the U.S. This type of visa allows business entities to transfer managers, executives, and employees with certain specialized knowledge to an office in the U.S. from a foreign office.


  • Transactional: It is easier to find financing for a domestic company rather than a foreign company
  • Partnership: A domestic co-venture with a foreign business facilitates training and speeds up growth
  • Trade Finance: Having a domestic subsidiary makes it possible for foreign company to self-finance
  • Compliance: Avoid adding more compliance responsibilities through partnering domestically
  • Strategy: More hands-on relationship with foreign partner facilities more mutual coordination
  • Procurement: Ease demands on supply chain by selling products to domestic subsidiary.

Language Services

Our language experts specialize in technical, scientific, legal, and general business language services. We can professionally translate legal contracts, websites, e-learning modules, surveys, marketing materials or employee communications.

Multilingual Translation

  • Market Research Translation and Transcription
  • Marketing & Market Research Translation
  • Legal & Law Enforcement Translation
  • Corporate Training & eLearning Translation
  • Website Translation & Localization
  • Technical Translation

Multilingual Audio Transcription

  • Qualitative Research Transcription
  • Academic Transcription
  • Legal & Law Enforcement Transcription
  • Business Transcription

Professional Interpretation Services

  • Professional Onsite Interpretation
  • Phone Interpretation
  • Remote Simultaneous Conference Interpretation

Project & Trade Finance

We provide a full suite of integrated project and trade finance solutions to support the success of international projects and sales transactions, either directly, or with the use of our financial industry partners:

Project Finance

We work closely with our project finance partnersto help companies access emerging market financing for their current and future projects. Our team of experts specialize in project financing and raising private equity with an industry insider’s point of view on how to access government lending programs for transactions.  Our partners have successfully arranged billions of dollars of financing to structure transactions worldwide.

Our team specializes in developing projects and using government programs (i.e., U.S., European, Japanese, as well as multilateral government agencies) to structure funding. Because frequently financial markets are unable to support sales and direct investment in emerging markets without government involvement, we provide critical financial advisory services to mobilize this type of financing.

We provide four essential services.

  • An expertise on the maze of government agencies (e.g., US ExIm Bank, OPIC, TDA, SBA, IFC, MIGA, IADB, IIC, AfDB, to name a few of the alphabet soup of more than 300 government agencies worldwide that provide funding support to projects in emerging markets).
  • Structuring advice and support.
  • An outsourcing (including the creation of quantitative and qualitative written materials) of this specialized expertise to augment a company’s existing financial team and ensure continuity when staff turnover occurs.
  • Finally, a results-oriented approach whereby its economic motivation is closely aligned with that of a client’s.

Typical Engagement Approach for Project Financing

Phase 1 – Structuring (expected timeframe: 1 to 3 months from time all relevant info becomes available)

  • Arrange Agency-Backed Financing and Political Risk Insurance
  • Information Memoranda
  • Financial Modeling

Phase 2 – Funding (expected timeframe: 5 to 9 months)

  • Project Financing (5-9 months)
  • Structured Financing (3-6 months)
  • Capital Trade Finance (30-90 days)
  • Equity

Trade Finance

  • Working Capital Finance Extend revolving lines of credit or transaction specific loans to assist in growing important markets. This type of funding creates the ability for a company to provide more generous terms without undue risk from its overseas buyer, thereby allowing for potentially increased sales.
  • Medium and Long-term Financing to Overseas Buyers Make loans ranging from two to five years or more to overseas buyers of goods and services from a U.S. exporter. Since the ability to provide financing on capital goods or large transactions is often required to make the sale, the ability to provide this type of financing to the buyer can substantially enhance a U.S. company’s ability to compete globally.
  • Export Credit Insurance Our export credit insurance brokers help to protect an exporter of products and services against the risk of non-payment by a foreign buyer. Their solutions significantly reduce the payment risks associated with doing business internationally by giving the exporter conditional assurance that payment will be made if the foreign buyer is unable to pay.

Shipping & Logistics

Our privately held non-vessel operating common carrier(NVOCC) partnerhas specialized in containerized ocean exports and imports serving ports worldwide for more than 20 years. They provide many domestic and international services including air freight, US Flag Ocean Freight, marine insurance, trucking services, drayage, intermodal, and more.Our team helps clients easily navigate the complex world of international shippingand can be your logistics professional for shipping cargo, commodities, and full container (FCL) and partial container (LCL) cargo worldwide.

NOTE – Each NVOCC must have a valid Ocean Transport Intermediary (OTI) license issued through the Federal Maritime Commission and be bonded to manage the transport of your cargo to its destination.Our partner has approximately 20 steamship line contracts with most major cargo carriers servicing commercial ports worldwide.

Staff Augmentation

We help companies find the professional talent they need to fill their most critical jobs for short- or long-term engagements. We support many different industries and skill areas including IT, engineering, construction, and telecom.

  • Managed Services We provide a full range of workforce solutions includes Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), managed staffing and managed service provider (MSP), independent contractor compliance, applications development project teams, Statement of Work (SOW) management and payrolling.
  • Project Solutions We provide teams of IT professionals for ERP implementations, applications development and network/infrastructure projects. We support all phases of development and use certified Oracle Gold Partners, SAP Partner Edge members, and certified Sales force integration partners.
  • Federal Workforce & Staffing Services We provide our partners with prime government contractors and subcontractors to support the US Federal Government, specifically with the staffing needs of bringing cleared talent to these organizations.

Trade Missions & Travel Services

Inbound and outbound trade missions and travel services are a major part of our business. On a monthly basis, we are either traveling to foreign markets or hosting foreign companiesand executives who wish to visit the US. We provide a full suite of international travel planning, trade mission, itinerary design, and travel recommendations to experienced and novice business and leisure travelers.

  • Sector basedinbound and outbound trade missions with manufacturers and distributors
  • Itinerary design with applicable government agencies, professional service providers, and other international business supporting resources
  • Leisure & Themed trip itinerary design
  • Local logistics, accommodations, meal and language service coordination

U.S. Federal Government Contractor Solutions

We have a unique skillset in the US federal government contracting sectorwith our proven abilities to support foreign companies who provide products and services to US Federal Government Missions abroad. We work together with foreign contractors as their US sourcing partner, providing them access to the resources necessary to identify, bid, win and execute all pre- and post-award activities. Our lead government contracting specialist has over 18 years of experience as a government contractor supporting Federal Government Projects, Programs, and Portfolios worth over $500 million at agencies such as NASA, NOAA, FAA, ED, USDA, and USAID.

In addition to product and services sourcing, we also facilitatethe establishment of key strategic partnerships with small businesses who qualify for socio-economic statuses under the US Government’s Small Business Subcontracting Program. The US government has small business categories and federal contracting award goals that it must meet to be in compliance with the subcontracting program and each year the government has difficulty reaching these goals because foreign companies typically do not have access to small businesses with these socio-economic statuses. We work with foreign companies to partner them with certified small business to become more favorable candidates when bidding on contracting opportunities.As a result, foreign companies will benefit the US Department of Defense and other US federal government clients they do business with, by allowing them to be closer to achieving their small business participation goals.

The following is a listing of small business categories, applicable socio-economic classes, and the US federal contracting award goal.

US Federal Government Procurement Readiness

We provide support as foreign companies complete the necessary paperwork, applications, certifications, and artifacts to be registered to become Federal Government Contractors and to be ready to meet with Government clients. This may include updating profiles and creating a Capability Statement.  This can be tailored to include Acquisition Management work such as review of bids, RFIs, RFPs, RFQs, SOWs, PWSs, requirements, and any other procurement documents; review of proposals, market survey responses, contracting vehicle responses, and other types of responses; and/or advice on contract requirements and reporting.

  • Corporate & Executive Coaching
  • Project and Schedule Management Techniques
  • Risk Management Preparation
  • Staff Augmentation Strategies
  • Lobbying & Business Development
  • Quality Assurance and Control Procedures
  • Pre-& Post Award Process Creation

US Federal Government Contracting Support

We provide consultation and support on services needed for each contract with the US Federal Government. These services may include back office support to assist with Project Management, Program Management, Portfolio Management, and Contract Management functions of the contract. This will also include the following:

  • Acquisition Management Support
  • Contract Management Support
  • Onsite Project Management Support
  • Quality Assurance & Control Support
  • Federal Ordinance & Compliance Maintenance
  • Product Research & Discovery
  • Professional Services Procurement
  • Language Services
  • Material & Product Procurement
  • Manufacturer Coordination & Touring
  • Project Discovery & Sole Source Marketing
  • Training & On-site Support Coordination

For all our systems, we can provide supervision of erection, start up and commissioning, operator training, full operations and maintenance support/contracts, as applicable.