Giving you a competitive advantage
in international transactions

PGP Advisory Services has proven expertise in foreign transactions and business negotiations, with a seasoned, cross-functional team of Certified Global Business Professionals, CPAs, attorneys, logistics experts, cultural advisors, and a wide-range of additional support service providers who guide you through any complex cross-border issue.


Delivering for you every step of the way

Successful International Transactions are at the core of our engagements.
Each transaction consists of 5 components – a buyer, a seller, trade finance,
professional support services, and government relations.

The following diagram illustrates how PGP engages with each component:

Foreign Buyers


Distributors, wholesalers, project developers, and service providers are faced with many difficulties when accessing the US market.

  • Limited access, resources, and/or knowledge to source, purchase, or acquire US products/services
  • High travel and business development costs
  • Cultural or language barriers


PGP provides one-stop-shop convenience to overseas importers seeking an international sourcing agent to support their foreign sales transactions. Our turnkey solutions include:

  • Sourcing, purchasing and fulfillment of products and services from the US and other countries of representation
  • Product export preparation, pickup and delivery coordination
  • Short, medium, or long-term financing of purchases


US-based product manufacturers, distributors, and service providers struggle to gain access to foreign buyers or successfully complete international transactions.

  • Limited overseas relationships, resources and knowledge to execute effective overseas sales campaigns or export transactions
  • High travel and business development costs
  • Cultural or language barriers


Companies retain PGP to support the accomplishment of their international sales objectives. Our turnkey solutions include:

  • Export strategy design and execution
  • International sales and marketing support
  • Transaction and fulfillment support
  • Guarantee of payment from foreign buyers
  • Government relations and project management


Foreign companies and their executives who want to establish a corporate presence in the USA to support their US customer base face cost and cultural hurdles.

  • Limited knowledge of US laws, business practices, or cultures
  • Lack of time, resources to efficiently manage US operations
  • Not cost effective to hire local employees


As a full-service professional consultancy, companies retain PGP to advise and manage the multifaceted aspects of their US or foreign business dealings. Our turnkey solutions include:

  • Outsourced Business Operations Support – Accounting, graphic design, investment, legal, marketing, strategy, tax, translation and web development services.
  • Immigration & VISA Services – Foreign executives and employee Visa processing
  • Integrated Trade Finance– Working capital finance; short, medium & long-term financing; export credit insurance; and project finance.
  • Travel Services –Foreign and domestic trade mission coordination and implementation


Enjoy an easier path to a successful international business

Recieve Expert Advice

Take advantage of a host of multi-disciplined professionals who specialize in international tax, accounting, immigration, legal, cultural awareness and other aspects of business operations.

Reduce Costs

Focus on core competencies by tapping into US based talent that helps reduce or eliminate operational expenses at your corporate headquarters.

Manage Risks

Transfer risk and reduce exposure by working with professional US service providers who understand local laws, cultures and best practices.


Foreign Company Trade Mission to the USA

PGP Advisory Services frequently hosts foreign companies wishing to establish working relationships with US manufacturers. Our clients have come from Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East to tour various facilities, depending on their business goals and objectives. We coordinate all meetings with local companies, government officials specializing in the foreign company’s country of origin or industry, legal and immigration professionals, lodging, meals, entertainments, and in-country logistics. Once set up and operational in the US, we also provide operational support to keep the company running smoothly.