Streamlining the building

PGP Integrated Solutions (PIS) works with corporations who need support with the development and operation of their projects or facilities. We provide solutions to co-developers or EPC contractors in the pre-development phases and facility owners or managers in the post-development and operational phases of their projects. Our in-house engineers and partners have considerable experience with projects at any stage of development or operations.

Facility Owners & Managers

We specialize in providing our clients with outsourced procurement support which allows you to reduce overall costs while maximizing strategic core competencies. Our product and service agnostic approach offers turnkey solutions that encompass the multiple disciplines required for the success of facility and/or building management companies.

Support Offerings include:

  • Custodial
  • Furniture
  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • Power
  • Technology
  • Engineering

Co-Developers & EPC Contractors

We create world-class strategic partnerships to secure and develop contracting opportunities across global markets. We pair local experts who seek larger technical or financial partners with foreign organizations who seek quicker market penetration, increased revenues, or investment opportunities. When dealing with utility- and national-scale investors, we seek to establish long-term relationships between larger, reputable local infrastructure developers, EPC contractors and operators with a demonstrated track record and a pipeline of viable projects.


Enjoy a streamlined process and better products

Developers, builders, managers, and operators of built structures benefit from:


Experience simpler and more convenient international transactions using our streamlined “one-stop-shop” model

High Quality US Products & Services

Access our ever-expanding database of engineers, suppliers, and experts who support project design, construction, operations and financing, across multiple sectors, worldwide


Tap into our purchasing, logistics, and fulfillment project management capabilities so you only deal with one company.